Wordless Wednesday ~ Crabs!

We went down to Alabama this year and my husband ended up catching crabs!  No.. not that kind!  Here is a picture of one of the crabs he caught!




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RIP Kevin Sharp

When I turned on my computer today, one of the stories on bing was that Kevin Sharp passed away.  I’m sure many of you are thinking… ok, who’s Kevin Sharp.

Kevin Sharp was a Platinum Country Recording Artist whose first#1 song was Nobody Knows but Me.   According to his website he died due to ongoing complications from past stomach surgeries and digestive issues and her other news sites the surgeries were due to cancer.

In honor of Kevin Sharp I would like to post his first #1 song!   You will be deeply missed Mr. Sharp and our thoughts & prayers go out to your friends and family!

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Throw Back Thursday

Since the popular thing on Facebook lately is to post a picture of something in your history I thought I would start doing that here too!

So my first #TBT picture is one I posted on here before, but since it was my first Wordless Wednesday from years ago I thought it would be ok to share it again.

This picture is of the first time my kids met!  As you can see, my daughter was even loud then and my son didn’t care of it.  This is one of my favorite pictures of the kids.


First Meeting



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Laptop batteries

UGH! While I love my laptop still, what drives me nuts about it (besides taking forever to load up) is that whenever my charger falls out my laptop automatically shuts down. I had bought a new charger not that long ago, so that must not be the problem. My guess is I should buy a new battery as it still is the original.

I just wonder if it would be better to buy a new battery or to put the money towards a new laptop?  Maybe I should check out www.batteryheads.com and see if they have batteries for laptops and how much it would cost. I guess that would answer my question.

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Spring Break 2014

Spring Break has arrived!!  WOOHOO!!  It feels so good to have the kids home.   I just wish the grass was turning green and we could start planting flowers.  To bad, it’s been a little to cold and snowy this year where it’s going to be awhile before that happen.    Just wait though, the grass will be turning green, the tempature will go way up and I’ll then be complaining of it being to hot and I will have to mow the darn grass.  LOL

We have a lot of smaller things planned for this week.  It seems like everyone is asking to do something this year.  I just have to try and figure how to fit time in for everyone, but have some good quality time with my kids too.

We did get the kids bikes down to day and got them all adjusted (it’s crazy how much they grew since we put them away last fall) and they were able to get their first bike ride of the year in with Daddy today!   I haven’t dared check the weather reports for this upcoming week, but hopefully it will be warm and dry where we can take the bikes to a bike trail and enjoy the outdoors!


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Winter Pictures

I didn’t write much this winter and when I did I usually complained about the snow.  I thought I would share a few pictures so you can see the snow we ended up getting this winter!


IMG_1990 IMG_2005

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Hello Spring!?!?

Well, per the calendar spring was suppose to of sprung yesterday.  While the sunning is shining ever so brightly today, when I look out in my back yard all I still see is snow!  Thankfully it has melted quite a bit though as I no can see the kids old airplane teeter totter!  This time last month you wouldn’t of even known anything was there as the snow was the same height!

Now that spring is supposedly here, I know many people get the urge to do their spring cleaning around the house.  I know the bug has hit me and more than just cleaning, I’m actually in the mood to make some bigger changes like changing the colors of our walls.  We’ve said that now for a couple years, but after playing on Benjamin Moore’s website and being able to take a picture of our living room and then changing the colors of the walls so I can see what it would look like, it’s helped me talk my husband into going for it.  (He really hates change)

Besides making the changes in my house, I’m thinking now would also be a good time to make changes regarding me and blogging.  I know I have been a huge slacker with blogging, but keeping my house at 64 degrees all winter I just wanted to huddle down in my blankets and be a hermit.

I’ve noticed I’m not the only one making changes to their websites/blogs though.  As some of the places I like to window shop online has changed their’s sites too.  (Supposedly it’s called an ecommerce workflow?)   So I guess great minds think alike and that now would be the perfect time to do that?

Has the spring cleaning bug bit you yet?  What is one of your favorite spring cleaning tips?  I really don’t have any and would love nothing more than to learn some!

If you have some, please feel free to share!



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Baby it’s cold outside…

I don’t know about you, but I have never been more ready for spring to come as I’m so sick and tired of this cold spell we have been having!   It’s so cold I don’t even want to go to the bus stop in the afternoon as by the time I get home my hands are freezing and that’s with gloves on and when we go to bed at night I make sure we all have at least a couple blankets on all of us so we can stay warm.

How is it in your area?  Is it just as cold as we are having here?   I thought I would post this song today as it’s how I’ve been feeling….  Baby it’s cold outside…


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Wedding Anniversary

It’s hard to believe in less than 2 months, Paul and I will be celebrating our 13th wedding anniversary!   While it seems like it was just yesterday, looking at pictures you can tell it’s been a “few” years.   I know quite a few people celebrated their anniversary every year by doing something extra special like maybe buying the other spouse some jewelry like  Scott Kay cobalt rings (which are beautiful by the way) but we so far have only done a simple dinner out and that’s it.

This year will be different though.  I found out that John Berry is coming in concert 2 days before our anniversary not to far from our house!  Not only is he going to be that close, but his tickets for VIP seating is so reasonable that we asked the kids if they would like to come with us and they jumped at the chance.

I know most people would rather celebrate without the kids, I guess for me having the kids with us so we can show them what love is like is important to me.  I will take a rain check though where Paul and I can have our alone date another day/night.

What did you do for your last wedding anniversary?  Do you tend to go out and do something extra special or are you like us and dinner out is about the most you do?

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Sad Day in West Michigan

I turned on our local news station around lunch time to see that our 5/3rd Ball Park (home to the West Michigan Whitecaps, Single A Affiliate of the Detroit Tigers) is up in flames!  I was hoping it would be put out quickly, but that didn’t seem to be the case.   I have a feeling it will be awhile before we can see a ball game there again.  :(



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